Altair ProductDesign is deeply rooted in innovating design solutions for naval and commercial vessels, racing yachts and leisure craft. Through our simulation driven design approach, we can assess the trade-off between structural performance, constructability and resulting cost.

Classification Society Compliant CAE:
Finite element analysis of ship structures in compliance with classification society rules (e.g. Lloyd’s, ABS, DNV, BV)

Structural Optimization:
Industry leaders, with over a decade of expertise in applying structural optimization to both metallic (e.g. gearbox housing) and composites (e.g. monohull bulkhead, carbon keel fin)

Fluid Structure Interaction:
Using advanced technology to assessment the response of fluid impacting structure (e.g. underwater explosions, boat ditching, slamming and sloshing)

Computational Fluid Dynamics:
Drag prediction of hull forms and storm wave assessment

Advanced FE Model Building:
Automotive meshing technology such as batch meshing and bespoke model building utilities to create high fidelity FE models of ship structures

Design Innovation:
Our marine design innovations include:
  • Tank containment systems for large LNG /CNG Carriers
  • Lightweight and low cost structural layouts for boat hulls and decks
  • Welding sequence optimization to minimize heat-induced distortion on assemblies.

Innovative Thinking

Innovative Thinking

Ship Design Goes Organic to Save Material

Continuing the theme of exploring how other industries are embracing simulation and optimisation technologies to shed unnecessary weight from their products, I was pleased to see some of our work here in the UK get picked up by Maritime IT & Electronics magazine (MITE). Learn more >>


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